Deposit Refund Protection Program (DRP)

The Safe and Secure Method of Investing into Private Placement Programs that are fully managed by Industry Veterans

100% Capital Protected / Zero Risk of Capital Loss
Safety, Security, No Loss, No Risk, No Hassle

The Deposit Refund Protection Program has 4 Simple Goals:

  1. Protect the Clients Deposit so it is 100% Safe.

  2. Generate a Profit from safely holding the clients Deposit.

  3. Return Clients Deposit to them in Full prior to completing the Clients Transaction.

  4. Use the Profit generated from holding the clients Deposit to complete the Client's Transaction using "House Money"

Program Overview: 

After the client completes the Deposit Refund Protection Program Application and signs the Deposit Refund Protection Program Agreement (26 Pages), the client then wires his deposit to a highly recognized and well respected International Attorney who is a Graduate of Yale University, who has been practicing law since 1966 and is currently registered with the Supreme Court Bar, has served as a Lawyer in London England and New York USA and has served the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Full disclosure of the Attorney, Program Protections, and the Bank Account the Deposit is wired to is provided in the Deposit Refund Protection Program Agreement.

When the Deposit funds are received, the International Attorney certifies the funds are clean and from Non Criminal origins and then the funds are placed into the Deposit Refund Protection Programs Asset Management account. We 100% Capital Protect the clients funds by placing a Block on the funds prohibiting the funds from being withdrawn from the account and ensuring they remain safely deposited for the client until the client is fully repaid.

The Profit Process

Deposit Refund Payment:The Deposit Refund Protection Program makes the following payments to the client:

  • Week 1 - No Payment

  • Week 2 - No Payment

  • Week 3 - No Payment

  • Week 4 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 5 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 6 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 7 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 8 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 9 - Payment of 17%

By the end of Week 9 the client has received 100% of their original funds repaid. At this point the client now has zero risk exposure in the transaction because ALL of their original capital has been repaid in full.

Transaction Deposit: The Deposit Refund Protection Program continues making the following payments:

  • Week 10 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 11 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 12 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 13 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 14 - Payment of 17%

  • Week 15 - Payment of 17%

The Deposit Refund Protection Program completes at this stage and these funds are then used as the "House Money" to complete the clients desired transaction.

We Take the Protection of Your Deposit Seriously!

The power of this Deposit Refund Protection Program is that it enables the client to complete their intended transaction  (which is normally the Managed BG/SBLC Program) with zero of their own money invested!


Protect your Downside before your invest for Upside!

Program Recommendations:

Completion of the Deposit Refund Protection Program is now a mandatory for any client wanting to complete the Managed BG/SBLC Program. It is also recommended that all clients that want to Purchase Leased or Owned Bank Guarantees (BG) or Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) from our platform must complete the Deposit Refund Protection Program first.

This Deposit Refund Protection Program is also available for use by third party companies who need to take Deposits for Real Estate transactions, or Business Transactions, or other types of Finance Transactions. If you are interested in utilizing the Deposit Refund Protection Program for your clients and transactions, please Contact Us for a confidential discussion and to receive the application form. 

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